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Star Rail Station uses local storage and indexedDB technology to store users' preferences (e.g. warp data, achievements data, ascension planner data, character voice language) locally on their device.

Warp Tracker

All warp history data imported is saved locally on your device. Your warp links are sent temporarily to Star Rail Station for the sole purpose of providing your warp rolls and stats. Your warp link or any personal data is not shared with anyone or persisted further.

When allowing Star Rail Station to contribute your warp stats to global statistics, certain information about your pulls is saved on our servers in order to provide the Global Stats service (item type, rarity, time, banner).

Google Drive Sync

Star Rail Station can be linked to your Google account to persist local data inside of Google Drive. Your Google email address is displayed solely within the Settings interface and is not shared with anyone. No Google Drive file can be accessed by Star Rail Station besides the one created to store your local website data.

If you wish to revoke Google Drive functionality, you may use the "Unlink Account" button available in Settings. Alternatively, you can disconnect the app and manage data at


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